About Us

You are not alone.

We are dedicated to helping women empower themselves, and navigate painful and challenging circumstances. We have a special tenderness for women affected by cancer and women affected by sexual/romantic betrayal.

Our programs include weekend restorative retreats, and one-day conferences  designed especially for women.

If you know of anyone you feel would benefit from our programs please send them to our website or Facebook page.

The goals of Hearts in Healing are these:

  • Women feel seen, heard, understood and validated.
  • Women feel supported and connected to others with similar experiences.
  • Women feel they are not alone in facing their heartbreak and trauma.
  • Women feel more hopeful and confident about their own worth, resiliency and strength.
  • Women have a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Women take away tools and resources (mental, physical and spiritual) to help them heal and deal with whatever comes next.

Debbie Carlson-Gould, Founder/Director & Certified Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator

“Simultaneous to receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis, I discovered my husband’s long-standing pornography addiction, and acts of infidelity. As I sought support to help me heal from trauma and try to make sense of my life, I was bewildered by the lack of nurturing programs for someone like me. Luckily, I found a small support group, began seeing a therapist, and forged my own program of healing through journaling, meditation, yoga, art therapy, and restorative retreats. Together these gave me clarity and understanding about my core values and purpose: helping women on their own journeys toward mindful, authentic and empowered lives. Hearts in Healing is here to offer the loving support I had been seeking when it was needed most.” Debbie has worked in the human relations and nonprofit fields for over 30 years. As Director, Debbie gathers and manages the resources- healers and venues, to create healing programs for women who need them. Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator personally trained by HeatherAsh Amara the author of the bestselling book “Warrior Goddess Training” and other books based on ancient Toltec wisdom and spirituality. She helps women commit to themselves with compassion and humor, unwind old agreements that no longer serve them, find authentic expression, and walk with joy even when life is challenging.

Denise Carrico 300x300

Denise Carrico, BFA, Certified Integral Yoga Teacher, CBC-Y

A life-long artist and seeker, Denise found her spiritual 'home' in the beautiful, heartful practice of Yoga and has been teaching for over 30 years. Blessed to live and work at Harmony Hill Retreat Center, she facilitates Yoga, Meditation and Art for their Cancer Program, Provider Renewal Retreats and Wellness Workshops, as well as sharing these practices with the local community. Her teaching includes breath, Metta Meditation, Yoga therapy, somatic movement, art and poetry. Denise recently trained as a Compassionate Bereavement Care Yoga Provider and took a deep-dive into her own many 'unattended sorrows'. She is opening to them all and learning how to rest in their midst. And wishes to offer space for others to do the same. "We are a 'culture in grief'", she says. "And as we gather together - and sit & move & breath - we may each learn to open and rest, be healed and be at peace in the midst of whatever our sorrows & suffering may be".

Linda Covert

Linda Covert, Healing Facilitator

Linda has been a practicing nurse for 49 years. She has been involved in group facilitation for the past 20 years in both nursing as well as at Harmony Hill Healing Retreat Center, and in the community. She became an Integrative Nurse Coach in 2014 which has been a natural evolution to her practice. She works with groups who seek self-care and healing from various forms of trauma so that they can be “healed to wholeness” utilizing mindfulness as a basis for daily living.

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